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Dancing Moose Farm

Our Farm

Dancing Moose Farm is located at 13485 E. Hwy 39 in beautiful Huntsville, Utah.  Our working farm consists of beef cows raised on a rotational grazing system and grass fed. We water with our solar powered water pumps and gravity drip water systems.  Our Idaho pasture pigs enjoy large open areas for grazing. Chickens are hatched and raised on our farm, and spend the day free ranging and nights in the security of their Earthship inspired chicken coop. Our goal is to be able to provide healthy, sustainable farm products.


Our Story

Family Permaculture Farm

Dancing Moose Farm has been a dream of Dan's since he acquired his 17.5 acre parcel over 25 years ago.  Being an entrepreneur, coffee shop owner, and sustainability enthusiast, he has dreamed of converting a barren field into a home for his family, a working farm, and educational facility.  The concept of permaculture and sustainability have always been his main focus.  For the last couple years Dan, his son Addison and wife Laurel have grazed cows, introduced pasture pigs to the property and raised various breeds of chickens and, of course, bunnies for the kids in the family. Dancing Moose Farm is also home to 8 hives of bees! We periodically have honey available for sale- follow our instagram page  for updates! 

In addition to livestock, Dancing Moose Farms has also introduced natural soaps and body care products which are available for purchase.

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