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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Permaculture?
    Permaculture is the practice of restoring the natural process of an ecosystem and still reap the rewards of production. Human intervention in farming has created unsustanable practices requiring fertilizers and soil preperations to maintain food production. Permaculture tries to learn from natural process and impliment them into a manmade system.
  • What days are Dancing Moose Farm tours?
    Dancing Moose Farm provides tours every Saturday and Sunday year round. To schedule a tour please contact us to set up an appointment. We would love to show you around our little farm.
  • How do I find out about upcoming classes?
    Upcoming classes are posted in our store under the Education tab.
  • How do I purchase Dancing Moose Farm products?
    Non perishable products will be posted in our store under the Farm Products tab. Perishable products will be available for purchase at the farm when available. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for availability and updates.
  • What is the elevation of Dancing Moose Farm? What weather to expect?
    Our farm is located just above 5400'. Our climate is fairly harsh with winter temperatures below zero and summer in the high 90's. That being said Utah's arid climate makes sunny winter days feel like spring and summer shade can feel much cooler. Nights continue to be chilly throughout the year and a great reprive from the heat. Those cold winter nights produce some of the clearest stargazing experiences and beautiful sunrises through frosted trees. If you have questions on what to bring, contact us.
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